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If you are thinking about holiday destinations in Spain for your spanish holidays in northern Spain, Cool cities is a great way of visiting the area. From east to west you will discover 5 cool cities where you will find the unexpected. A Coruña, Avilés, Gijón, Santander and San Sebastián are these 5 cities you should not miss when traveling to Spain.

The northern coast of Spain is better known by its mountainous sceneries, the quality of its beaches, the wild bay of Biscay and the northern route of the internationally famous Camino de Santiago. But there’s much more!!

From one of the four best European film festivals taking part in San Sebastián to prestigious museums as the Niemeyer’s in Avilés. From michelin starred restaurants to some of the best local food in traditional restaurants. From great, clean and less crowded beaches to awesome mountains and National Parks as the Picos de Europa mountains. From fantastic family destinies to more popular nightlife ends. And more…

All are easy-going cities on a human scale that you can discover on foot, but which at the same time feature a broad-ranging offering in cultural activities, internationally famous cuisine and an infectious spirit of innovation that they even apply to their time-honoured traditions. These cool cities are not mobbed with tourists and visitors share with the local residents the pleasures of their quality of life and the finely tuned balance between urban development and the love of nature. So if you are looking for the real Spain for you spanish holidays this is your best choice!!

These cool cities are to be experienced on foot, without any pre-established plan, sharing their urban areas with the residents, letting your footsteps lead you freely through the maze of streets as the mood takes you, your mind open to the great deal these human-scaled cities have to offer. A surprise awaits you around each and every corner.

Welcome to cities with taste and personality… cities that are modern, active, cultured, sporting, friendly, creative, surprising and brimming with life. Welcome to Cool Cities!!:

  • Where Culture…

means ‘fiesta’.

– When cultural activities are a serious matter… but also exciting, unique, fun, innovative and suggestive.

means ‘travelling back on time’.

– When architecture transports you back to the sensitivities of other centuries or to today’s terra incognita.

  • Where food…

means ‘Tempting flavours’.

– When the question of what and where to eat today has many answers…

all of which are equally appealing.

  • Where nature…

is ‘Blue and Green’.

– Where the air smells of salt, sand, rock, fresh, grass, flowers and ancient trees.

  • Where health…

means ‘Pampering your body’.

– When the doubt lies between practicing sports yourself or letting others take care of your body.


Below you can find a brief description of each city and some must-see and do though there will be much more.


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A Coruña, Oceanic & Cool

A Coruña is not just a city; it is an ocean, the Atlantic, which colours embraces and inspires it. Everything about the city – from its special light to its day-to-day pace – is marked by the sea, present in every corner. A Coruña means never growing tired of gazing out over the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean, both from the scenic balcony of Mount San Pedro and from the longest seaside promenade in Europe, encompassing over 13 kilometres of beaches, cliffs and coves. A Coruña also means walking through the medieval streets of the old quarter, meandering through its parks and gardens and strolling along Avenida de la Marina flanked by its glass façades. Yet, you always feel close to the sea... its smell, its taste, its murmur. In a competition organized in Slupsk (Poland), a recording of the waves and seagulls from Orzán Beach was voted “the world’s most beautiful sound of the sea”. It is the ocean that calls us to visit Galicia... to visit A Coruña.


Avilés, Amazing & Cool

Avilés is an invitation to take a leisurely stroll... an invitation to quiet contemplation. To walk peacefully through the friendly streets of its old quarter, admiring the arcades, squares, churches and mansions as stages on a journey through history and its architectural styles, from the 12th century right up to the present day. To wander through its natural scenery coloured in greens and blues, explore its extensive dunes, gaze out from its cliffs and submerge yourself in the sea off its sandy beaches. In Avilés, right in the heart of Asturias, peace and quiet is a contagious mood to be shared, yet one that in no way can be associated with boredom. You can participate in the intense cultural life of the Niemeyer Centre, enjoy the company in a bustling cider tavern and join in its fiestas. All the while knowing that you can later sit down and chat in a square or take a stroll along a greenway for the mere pleasure of discovering where it leads you.


Gijón, Dynamic & Cool

Dynamic, fresh, bold. Gijón, of course, has a history that goes back thousands of years –the Roman built baths here–, as well as old cafés, wonderful botanic gardens and the heritage reaped from being situated both on the Way of St James and at the northernmost tip of the Via de la Plata Route. But what surprises visitors most is to discover its zest for life. There’s always something going on here. Concerts by the leading international groups on tour and by new local musicians in small venues. Festivals like FICXixón and its alternative cinema. A continuous flow of activities in the street, at the iconic Jovellanos Theatre or the vast Laboral City of Culture. From this Asturian scenic balcony overlooking the Bay of Biscay, it’s no wonder that some people are “crazy about Gijón”. For its zest and welcoming spirit. For its university and artistic ambiance. Because you can savour it little by little or in big gulps. For being open-minded and fun.


Santander, Elegant & Cool

There are few concepts as difficult to define as elegance. Elegance has to do with good taste, with grace in style, with undeniable beauty, with harmony. One is either elegant or not... there is no middle of the road. And the capital of Cantabria certainly is. You only need stand on La Magdalena headland, that beautiful mound set between beaches, and gaze upwards to the Royal Palace where the Spanish Court used to spend the summer, as now do scholars from the Menéndez Pelayo International University. Santander is elegant for the way it overlooks its harbour and spectacular bay, a member of the exclusive club of the most beautiful harbours in the world. For its large avenues, peaceful gardens and picturesque Paseo de Pereda promenade, with its typical houses with their enclosed balconies. But also for its seafaring tradition and its nooks and crannies where you can enjoy a glass or more of wine accompanied by finger food. For its simply elegant way of balancing tradition with modernity.


San Sebastián, Cosmopolitan & Cool

It may be due to its proximity to the French border. Or because of its past as a place where royalty and the “beautiful people” idly spent their summers playing roulette. It may be the influence of the stars of the silver screen who attend its film festival each September and the music celebrities who visit here throughout the entire year. It may be for the citizens from all over the world who choose to enjoy its quality of life for a few days. Or for the international outlook of the local people. It may be for all these reasons that Donostia/San Sebastián is the most cosmopolitan of Basque cities. Cosmopolitanism, however, is not the only secret of a capital that, while being small in size, built on a human scale, boasts the cultural offering of a large city. A city that knows how to combine the beauty of the surrounding mountains overlooking the sea with its urban activity. A city you can get around on foot or bicycle and where you can surf, yet where its gastronomy continues to be of international renown.


What to do

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