3 advices for your spanish holidays

by / Wednesday, 13 September 2017 / Published in News

Before you start your spanish holidays it is necessary to take into account certain aspects to be able to enjoy the customized holidays you have booked with Hidden in Spain; simple recommendations that will help you make the most of this trip!

Advice #1: Let’s speak spanish

If you want your spanish holidays to be more than just sun and beach, speaking the language (or at least some words) is essential to interact with the locals and get immersed in the culture of the country, especially if you travel to not so touristy areas.

Unluckily, unlike other European countries, Spaniards, in general, do not speak very good english; so if you want to make yourself understood and, of course, understand, it is essential to learn basic spanish.

Advice #2: Open your mind to new flavors

Spain is world renowned for its gastronomy which has become one of its biggest tourist attractions. Diverse and really tasty, spanish cuisine offers an endless number of dishes that, at times, can surprise the visitor.

If you are on holidays in Spain, we recommend you not to have gastronomic prejudices and not be impressed by some of the ingredients. Sea urchins, snails, blood and guts… Although those don’t sound delicious, we promise that if you taste them, you will love them.

Advice #3: Get the off-the-beaten paths

Stay away from the touristy routes and paths and you will discover a different Spain, one that does not appear in the tourist guides. Beaches without crowds, lost villages of great charm, landscapes of overwhelming beauty …

Do you want to know the secrets that still holds this destination? We, Hidden in Spain, organize a customized holiday according to your interests, likes and requests, guaranteeing an unique experience that will bring you to incredible and “hidden” places (now you know why we are “Hidden in Spain”!!)


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