You are one step away from booking your trip. However we believe it is important you receive a personalized and customized proposal, with a brief information about your route and what it is included, before you book. Please phone us or send us an e-mail to with the information shown below to receive it.

Ireland: + 353 766 803 144

USA: +1 (347) 775 33 97

Information required:

– In the subject: Package name, i.e. Camino de Santiago and “route” (i.e. french camino, northern camino, portuguese camino…)

– Number of days and approx. dates

– Number of people traveling

– Preferred accommodation: single, double or triple rooms

– Any other information you think it is relevant to organize your desired trip

After you get your proposal we will tell you next steps to be done.

You can also contact us in our contact section. Fill in the small questionnaire and the system will automatically send us an e-mail with all this information.

Please note that you will be helping others with your booking. Want to know more? Click here!!

Thank you!! and enjoy your trip with us!!