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  1. L.F. says : Reply

    We were unsure of what to expect when we first made contact with Luis. We are now grateful that we placed our faith in him to provide us with an excellent travel experience! His professionalism, knowledge, and desire to provide quality services make him outstanding. His personality and dedication to both the company and client he serves makes him an invaluable asset to have.

  2. Nuala B. says : Reply

    Trip of a Lifetime:

    This trip was fantastic. I really enjoyed walking through northern Spain. The coastline is beautiful and peaceful. The hotels organised by Luis from Hidden in Spain were mostly fantastic, great service, food and reasonable price. The price was quite reasonable and I totally recommend it for someone who wants an enjoyable, peaceful and relaxing trip. The only drawback was the weather at Times. There was a bit of rain. The directions were quite good but if you are stuck, just follow the yellow arrows for the Camino. Enjoy.

  3. Bobby O. says : Reply

    Fantastic service:
    I have been to Spain Many Many times. Louise showed me a side I would never have seen without his local knowledge.
    It’s a beautiful part of the world the the culture so rich. Can’t recommend using this service highly enough!! Gracias my friend for everything you did for us on our trip there we will be back! (For more Sidre)

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