The best beaches of Galicia

by / Tuesday, 12 June 2018 / Published in News

Galicia is the second region in Spain with more kilometers of coastline (1,498). Only the Canary Islands have more (1,683). The coastline in Galicia, thanks to the wild waters of the Atlantic Ocean, have wild marine places that overflow with beauty everywhere. An example are its beaches, real gems of nature that you should discover on your holidays in Spain. Join us in this quick tour!

Playa de las Catedrales / Cathedral’s beach

The beach of Las Catedrales, in Ribadeo, is considered by many experts as the best of Spain. You’ll wonder what’s special, right? Well, without a doubt, its impressive rock formations, which include arches and natural vaults, reminiscent of those that can be found in any great cathedral. If you want to visit it, try to do it when the tide goes down. Remember also that it is a protected space, so, to visit it, you will have to book through its website. This way there’s never too many people and the environment is preserved. And it’s free!


Playa de Pantín

If you like surfing, you have to visit Valdoviño. There you’ll find the beach of Pantín, very close to Ferrol. Every year, the best surfers of the planet gather to celebrate the World Championship that takes place there. They are days of great atmosphere that contrast with the usual tranquility of the area. Sticking a bath in Pantin will make you refresh you in a second because of its low temperature. But you can enjoy the great waves from your towel.


Playa de Area Longa

In Muros, next to the mountain called Louro, you can find the beach of Area Longa. It is a virgin beach that has nothing to envy to others considered much more paradisiacal and located in exotic places such as Mauritius Island or Riviera Maya. It is, however, a protected environment due to the exceptional nature of its ecosystem. For example, bird lovers will find in Area Longa a perfect place to enjoy them.


Playa del Dique

A visit to the beach of El Dique, in Porto do Son, is compulsory if you do not mind walking a bit to enjoy a beautiful natural landscape. The “Mayor” river flows there and forms an impressive lagoon at low tide. It is a beach of fine sand and very cold water that usually everyone likes because of the tranquility that is enjoyed there. Don’t miss it!


Playa de Vilar

The beach of Vilar is part of an impressive set of protected dunes and lagoons that well deserves (a lot) a visit. Due to the existing protection you will not be able to leave the authorized areas, essential to guarantee the future of a vital space for the conservation of the flora and fauna of this place. Its sand is fine and its waters, clean and turquoise blue. It is an ideal beach if you want to disconnect from the routine.


There are many more impressive beaches in Galicia! As previously said, it is the region of the Iberian peninsula with more kilometers of coastline, so you will have no problem finding a sandy area full of beauty. Do you want to organize a tailor made holiday in the north of Spain? Would you like to know more beaches full of beauty? Contact us!