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Culinary Holidays to Northern Spain: What to eat in Asturias

by / Friday, 04 November 2016 / Published in News

Asturias is not only known for its green landscapes, but also stands out for its enviable gastronomy. And that is because here, in Asturias, you do not only eat well, but also eat a lot. If you want to combine your love for food with the tranquility of the sea and the mountains, do not hesitate: Asturias is the perfect destination. Although the traditional Asturian cuisine is extensive, we recommend the most popular food you have to try (compulsory) on your holidays to northern Spain. Bon Appetite!


Traditional Asturian food to enjoy on your holidays to northern Spain


  • Scorpion Fish Pudding: It is a kind of fish puree elaborated with scorpion fish. It is served cold and must be spread on bread adding a little mayonnaise or pink sauce. Its strong but delicate flavor will delight you.
  • Fabada: This is, undoubtedly, the traditional food par excellence of the Asturian cuisine and one of the best known of all the Spanish cuisine. It is ideal for cold days and recommended for lunch. Basically it is a stew of white beans cooked with chorizo, black pudding and bacon.
  • Cachopo: Every single proper Asturian loves cachopo, even more if it is shared with friends. Because the size of this meal is considerable, so it is recommended to share it. The traditional cachopo is made with two fillets of veal stuffed with ham and cheese, then breaded and fried. This meal has evolved and there are multiple variations: with corned beef, goat cheese or mushrooms, but always accompanied by fries and red pepper.
  • Pitu Caleya: This is the name given to the chickens grown up in freedom in many villages in Asturias. Thanks to its natural growth and feeding its meat is darker and less fat. This is baked or stewed with vegetables and sauce, very good.
  • Casadielles: This is the finishing touch to a good meal: the dessert. Casadielles are fried dumplings made with a dough that is filled with a mixture of nuts, hazelnuts, sugar and anise.


Anything to drink? All this food is delicious but is even better accompanied by the most popular drink of Asturias: the cider. You cannot leave Asturias without tasting it. This fermented drink made with apple served and consumed in a very unique way … The bottle is places over your head and you let the cider fall to the glass placed under your hip until it crashes against the glass. That completely changes its flavor. Wouldn’t you love to see it and taste all this delicious food? Then do not think it twice and come to Asturias on your holidays to northern Spain. We assure a unique experience for your 5 senses that will make your trip unforgettable.


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