Enjoy the Burgos gastronomy

by / Thursday, 15 November 2018 / Published in News

The province of Burgos keeps numerous recipes in its kitchens that you should not miss if you visit this wonderful area. Would you like to discover all its delicious delicacies? Read this post, Hidden in Spain can help you organize your tailor made holidays to Spain.


Tapas in the old quarter

Burgos, as a province of the Castilla y León community, stands out for the tapas routes offered to locals and foreigners. Thus, an option for the traveler is to get lost in the numerous taverns of the old quarter and enjoy some of their tapas. Chorizo, blood sausage, mussels and patatas bravas (spicy fires) are just some of the delights you can taste. You just have to let yourself go!


Morcilla de Burgos (Blood sausage)

Burgos’ blood sausage is practically known throughout the world and one of the reasons why many people come to this place every year. You may have never seen anything like it, but you can rest easy. Trust us! Its peculiar appearance and the ingredients with which it is made (pork blood, rice and onion) should not scare you. All the opposite! Dare to taste it and you will discover a flavor as rich as unique.



Burgos is also famous for the quality of its cheeses. You can find varieties of all kinds, although the most typical is usually the fresh cheese. Anyway, we recommend you to open your mind and try the buttery ones and those made with sheep’s milk.


Olla podrida (Rotten pot)

You’ll think it’s a joke, but it’s not! One of the star dishes of Burgos is called rotten pot, a kind of word game to define a stew that falls in love with those who try it. Its ingredients are beans and various pork products, such as chorizo and ribs. If you visit Burgos in winter, the rotten pot will quickly warm you. 100% sure!


Unique wines

There’s not a good meal without a good wine. We recommend you ask for a wine with Ribera del Duero Denomination of Origin or Ribera de Arlanza, two wines beloved by wine lovers.


Wha’s for dessert?

Dessert is as essential as wine. One of the most traditional sweets of Burgos is known as ‘grandpa’s dessert’, a delicious cheese cake topped with honey and nuts, which is a true touch of flavor and freshness. You can also taste the fried milk (a breaded milk pudding fried and topped with cinnamon and sugar). Or order both and share!.


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