Five essential Christmas markets to visit in Spain in your family holidays

by / Friday, 30 November 2018 / Published in News

Christmas knocks at our door! Soon we’ll post about five nativity scenes that you should not miss during your visit to Spain but this time write about five Christmas markets that reflect the spanish traditions this time of the year. We are sure you will love them! They will be a different visit during your family holidays in Spain. 


The Christmas market of Gijón, in Asturias, brings together a wide selection of artisans who offer all kinds of Christmas-themed products. But there is more! Located on the Paseo de Begoña, in the heart of the city, you can find the most original gifts for your beloved ones. The confectionery is one of its strengths. In fact, the sweet smell can be breathed as soon as you get to the area.



Catalan Christmas has some regional features that you should not miss. We refer to the classic and nice figures for the nativity scene, known as ‘caganers’, which represent famous people in a position, at least, daring. Crouching and normally hidden, those do not hesitate to shit outdoors. This year you can find Donald Trump, Lionel Messi, Pope Francisco and Darth Vader, among many others. They say they bring good luck to the homes that decide to include them. It is the Santa Lucia market, it is located next to the cathedral and has more than 300 stalls.



Basque people are famous for doing things in a big way. For this reason, two Christmas markets are organized every year in Bilbao. The most famous is the one in Bailén street, where you can find many typical products of the area. On December 21st, coinciding with the celebration of Santo Tomás, another market is organized in the Plaza Nueva and surroundings, where you can buy txakoli (local white wine) or Basque cider and enjoy all kinds of leisure activities on the street.



Possibly we would never finish writing a list of the reasons why you should visit Madrid. Beyond its impressive Christmas lights, the capital of Spain organizes a market in its Plaza Mayor that will amaze you. Many people just go there to buy figures for their nativity scenes. But there is much more: nearby, in the Plaza de la Santa Cruz, a handicraft market is also organized. In Plaza de España square there’s another craft market of great quality, with ceramics, jewels, toys and leather goods.



The Alhambra, the Paseo de los Tristes, the cathedral or the caves are some of the unmissable attractions of Granada, a city that also organizes a beautiful Christmas market. It has more than fifty stalls where you can buy all kind of items related to this festivity, as well as all kinds of crafts and food.


As you can see, the Christmas markets are a great alternative for your tailor made holidays. You will enjoy discovering the Spanish Christmas traditions while you know cities full of history. At Hidden in Spain we are looking forward to help you organize your stay in Spain. Just contact us!!