Hidden in Spain at Holiday World Show Dublin

by / Monday, 03 February 2014 / Published in News

Last week I was for first time at Holiday World Show Dublin. I had been in many trades before but never in a one like this. Organizers had everything very well prepared. Even though the internet connection was not the best one for exhibitors.., but still able to use it with no problem. The fact that every country had its own space was a very good idea, not only for exhibitors but also for general public willing to find their preferred country for next year’s trip.

It was quite crazy to find my guest house when I arrived, even more if you know that I was loading my 10kg. luggage and a 14kg. box where I had everything I needed for the exhibition. But irish people, always so kind, made it easier from the very beginning. The bus driver told me where to stop and I only had to make a short walk to my accommodation. Then it was only time to look for somewhere to eat anything before going to bed. Next three days were gonna be solo long…, I believed.

At 8:00 AM I was building up my stand at the trade show. I think my designer made a great job with that as I was one of the few stands completely decorated. A little later traders started to come in and I started to find out how that trade was going to be. But it was in the evening when I really found it out.

It was not surprising to find irish (90% of visitors in my stand) very polite and charming. Not even find all the other visitors in the same manner. The most surprising of all was to find out that the kind of service I provide have a very specific kind of clients. Offering an alternative to other tours where you just go all in the same bus, to the same hotels and visit the same places. The fact that you let people choose where they want to be hosted, what they want to see or do was really appreciated for those looking for a different kind of trip. Being specialist in the north of Spain is also another “pro” for that kind of people. It is true that the most of the people know the south of Spain, Canary Islands, Balearic Islands and so on but the north of Spain has a lot to offer, from excellent food, ancestral traditions, great sceneries, magnificent monuments to a smooth weather even in the winter time, at least close to the coast.

I would say that the message I wanted to share with people arrived to destiny. It is very true that there is a huge amount of people seeking for the most typical Spain but there is also many other people looking for something else, what the real Spain is, those things that make the difference between a good and an excellent trip when you get back home and you remember it. We are here to organize that trip you are thinking of. The one that matches all your criteria and that discards everything that you don’t want or don’t like to do when you are traveling. This is what we do and we will keep on doing as far as there is people like you. If you are one of these don´t miss our web page and do NOT hesitate in contacting us. We are sure we will tailor you!!

After all this I just want to say that I will be back next year and hope to meet you all again. This trade show has also match all my needs!! Thank you #HWS14!!

PS: I leave you here some pics I took at Holiday World Show.