Hiking during your package holidays to northern Spain

by / Thursday, 09 June 2016 / Published in News

If you are an outdoorsman and are planning your package holidays to northern Spain, there is no better way to enjoy the wonderful scenery in this area of Spain than practicing some kind of active sport. Today, Hidden in Spain shows you  to enjoy and discover the Green Spain, even if you are not an expert hiker.


5 hiking trails in northern Spain


1. Abbey’s route (Ruta de los monasterios) in the Ribeira Sacra, Galicia: Galicia has a wide range of hiking routes. All of them take us to a unique and exclusive place so if we were to choose only one we would choose the Abbey’s route (Ruta de los Monasterios), famous for its rich variety of historical towns and countryside.

2. Cares Route (Ruta del Cares), Asturias: One of the most impressive routes of Asturias and León. It is recommended to anyone, whether you are an amateur or expert hiker. This trail of 12 km, located between the towns of Cain (León) and Poncebos (Asturias), will let you enjoy a wonderful landscape for 4 hours along an impressive gorge.

3. Arribes del Duero Route, Zamora: If during your package holidays to northern Spain you have time to go to Castilla y León, do not miss this area characterized by its cultural and gastronomic wealth and, of course, for its many hiking routes. Though you’ll need several days to discover Castilla y León in depth, a compulsory stop is the hiking trail “Cola de Caballo waterfall”, famous for its waterfall and the mouth of the river Uces.

4. Gorbea Natural Park, Basque Country: In the largest Natural Reserve of Euskadi, Gorbea Natural Park, you will find many options to choose your next hiking trail. One of the must-try for hikers is the Urbide circular route, the perfect choice to enjoy the forests of oaks and holm oaks.

5. Aragonese Pyrenees Route: In the province of Huesca, the Aragonese Pyrenees is located in the central part of the great mountain range. It has several areas for hiking but we must highlight the Refuge of Linza route, famous for its forests of beeches and firs, or the Lanuza reservoir route, among many others.


And now you know these five hiking trails … What are you waiting to walk them during your package holidays to northern Spain?


If you want to know more about these hiking routes or are looking for a customized tour through Spain where to find these and others “off-the-beaten” paths please contact us here!