Holidays in Spain: FAQ’s about the Camino de Santiago (Way of Saint James)

by / Friday, 17 November 2017 / Published in News

Every year millions of people plan their holidays in Spain and many of them do it to walk/cycle this historical route. They come from all over the world, all ages and physical conditions, all religious beliefs, just as a sport challenge or to be able to say “I walked the Camino”. But all of them (or at least most of them) coincide in one thing, it is a unique experience that will change your life somehow. If you are thinking in walking/cycling the Camino de Santiago in your next holidays in Spain, we solve some of the FAQ that every pilgrim will have.

FAQ about the Camino de Santiago

  1.  How many Caminos? Which one should I choose?There are several Caminos. The first pilgrims got to Santiago through the Camino del Norte (Northern Camino) but on the XIth century that changed and most of the pilgrims go through the French Camino. Each of the Caminos have different characteristics, difficulties and ways so you can choose the one that better suits you and your preferences. In our web you have all the information about the main Caminos. You can also check our offers to walk/cycle them here!!
  2. How should I do it? Walking, cycling…?
    Most of the people chose to do it walking but in the last few years there are also a good number of people that choose to do it cycling or by horse. If you do it cycling the are some variants to the walking routes but they are all well signposted and adapted.
  3. Should I be in good physical condition?
    The Camino has some difficulties and some stretches are quite long. But it is possible to do it without any training (of course it is recommended to train a little bit before starting), as many of my clients have been doing for the last 5 years, people from 35 to 75 years young. Beside, there’s no need to carry on your luggage. We offer a service of luggage transfer so it makes it easier to walk/cycle without carrying any additional weight.
  4. Where do I sleep?
    There are several shelters along the way though if you want to have a proper rest I would suggest you to contact us and let us book good hotels along the way. As said before some stretches are long and it is better to have a proper rest without people around you snoring, waking up to the bathroom and so on. Beside it is always great to have your own bathroom to have a shower after the long walking day.
  5. Which is the best time of the year to do so?
    The bets moment of the year would be spring or the beginning of autumn, what means from april to june and sep to oct. During the summer it will be quite hot, it’s very crowded and it will be difficult to find accommodation (though we’ll make it for you!!)
  6. What should I take with me?
    Only and strictly the necessary items, nothing else, specially if you plan to carry your luggage with you while walking (remember we include luggage transfer in our packages). Here you can find our must-have list for the Camino.
  7. Solo traveler or in group?
    The advantage of being a solo traveler is that you can go at your own pace, without being forced to follow other people. Beside, that’s the best way to meet new people and live the experience more intensely. Of course many people do it with friends and or relatives. It is your decision.


Did we help you? Already decided? If you want to do the Camino during your holidays in Spain contact us and we’ll help you organize everything. Even if you want to extend your holidays we’ll give you some suggestions on where to go and what to do.