Lastres, a gem in the coast of Asturias

by / Friday, 21 September 2018 / Published in News

Lastres is one of the jewels of the eastern coast of the Principality of Asturias. It is a small fishing village belonging to the municipality of Colunga that stands out for its steep slopes and narrow streets, very representative of the fishing towns of northern Spain. Are you looking for a customized holidays? Then, keep reading!

Lastres is not only popular for having been the scene of one of the most popular Spanish television series of recent times (‘Doctor Mateo’), but also for its beauty. In fact, it was declared an Historic – Artistic Site in 1992, and that’s why many tourists visit it all year round.


Example of Asturian architecture

This small fishing village has many examples of traditional Asturian architecture. Those are mostly large mansions of two and three heights. Many of them are built in stone and plastered in white.

Many of them have unique balconies and wooden glazed galleries that will make you travel back in time.


A bite of the Bay of Biscay

Visiting Lastres is synonymous with enjoying an exceptional gastronomy. The Bay of Biscay, the sea that bathes the entire northern Spanish coast, offers real delicacies, both fish and seafood. Most of the products of this small village are auctioned off in the “rula”, a building located next to the port where the fishermen sell everything they have caught. For this reason, lastres meals shine for their freshness. Sardines, hake, sea bream, monkfish (or pixin, in Asturian language), cod, stew of seafood and fish, clams and lobster are just some of the delights you can enjoy during your visit to Lastres.


What to see

But Lastres offers several alternatives beyond culinary delights. In addition to walking through the port and the town, the church of Santa María de Sábada. It is a small temple built in the eighteenth century that stands out, above all, for its interior. And it is that it lodges an imposing greater altarpiece dated on 1794 and a crucified Renaissance Christ of amazing expressiveness.

The Chapel of San Roque is another mandatory stop. It is located at the top of the villa and offers impressive panoramic views of Lastres, the Sierra del Sueve (mountain range) and the Sea. The same happens with the lighthouse of Luces, another town located next to Lastres. From there you can also enjoy unique views.

As you can see, Asturias offers alternatives for any one. Would you like to visit it? Do not hesitate and contact us. We are specialists in tailor made holidays in Spain.