The Royal Sites of Spain

by / Friday, 07 September 2018 / Published in News

The monarchical tradition in Spain goes back many centuries. Therefore, there are numerous palaces, convents and monasteries scattered throughout the country. Patrimonio Nacional (National Heritage) is the body responsible for the care and makes all of these buildings available to citizens, which stand out for their great cultural wealth. It manages 16 palaces, monasteries and convents, which have more than 150,000 pieces of art of all kinds, in addition to 22,000 hectares of gardens and historic forests where all kinds of wildlife exists. Visiting any of these facilities during your holidays in Spain will undoubtedly be a success. Let’s see some of the most representative examples.


Royal Palace of Madrid

The history of the Royal Palace of Madrid goes back to the IXth century, when the Muslim kingdom of Toledo built a fort in the area to defend the region. After the Reconquest, the Catholic Kings decided, in the XVIth century, to use the base of this building to build the original palace, largely destroyed by a fire on Christmas Eve in 1734. Felipe V commissioned the construction of the current palace, whose works were held between 1738 and 1755. The Hall of Columns, the Gasparini Room, the Throne Room, the Porcelains Room, the “gala” dining room, the armory, the campo del Moro gardens and the Sabatini gardens stand out for its beauty and history.


Monasterio de El Escorial

Royal Monastery of San Lorenzo de El Escorial

The Royal Monastery of San Lorenzo de El Escorial (Madrid) is one of the symbols of the Spanish Golden Age. Its construction was ordered by Felipe II and houses a royal palace, a basilica and a monastery. There is also a library, which contains an important collection about disciplines of all kinds, and the Pantheon of the Kings and the Pantheon of the Princes. The gardens and houses are also part of one of the most impressive architectural creations of the entire European Renaissance period. Visiting it is a must.



Royal Palace of Aranjuez

The Royal Palace of Aranjuez is one of the residences of the Spanish Royal Family. There are several elements that stand out from this construction. On one hand, the gardens, very extensive, which are the most important of the Augsburg’s period (prior to the Borbones, the Royal family nowadays). The China Room (also known as the Porcelain Room), the Hall of Mirrors and the rich decoration of the House of Labrador make of Aranjuez a must – see in your tailor made holidays in Spain.


These are just three reasons to spend your holidays in Spain, but Patrimonio Nacional (National Heritage) offers us many more. Would you like to discover them? Contact us!