The Northern Camino included in the UNESCO Heritage list

by / Thursday, 30 July 2015 / Published in News

Few dates ago the UNESCO included the northern Camino into the Heritage list. So far only the French Camino had got this distinction. It was in 1993.
The extension represents a network of almost 1,500 km: coastal, interior of the Basque Country–La Rioja, Liébana and primitive routes.

It includes a built heritage of historical importance for pilgrims such as hospitals, cathedrals, hostels, churches, bridges…

Let’s review some figures and reasons why you should choose the northern Camino the next time:

1.- The french Camino is walked by the 70% of the pilgrims while the Northern Camino is only walked by the 5,27% of them (3rd most popular route) so this Camino is much less crowded. The most popular stretch of all is the Sarria to Santiago with more than 8.000 pilgrims doing this stretch.

2.- Italians represent the 23% of total foreign pilgrims while Irish are only the 3,87%, english the 3,61% and americans the 13,49%. So it is quite sure you will find many english speakers along the way with whom you can exchange your experiences.

3.- If you are between 30 and 60 years old you are one of the 20.000 pilgrims walking the Camino every year, which means more than 55% of total pilgrims. If you are over 60, you are one of the almost 9.000 pilgrims (24,72%).

4.- This next data really surprised me as almost 70% of friends walking the Camino with us last year were women. The total number of women (pilgrims) was 16.671, which represent the 46% of total pilgrims.

5.- The 87% of pilgrims do it walking, the 12% by bike and only 0,44% on horse. And all my admiration for those 6 pilgrims doing in in their wheelchair!!

6.- It is impossible to say the northern route is much more beautiful as it depends on what you like. But if you like seeing the coast as you are walking, love green sceneries and a smoother temperature during the summer, the northern route is your Camino.


1.- If you want to do a complete different Camino, choose the northern Route on horse. I would recommend you to walk or cycle but it is up to you!!

2.- For sure you will find english speakers along the way.

3.- If you like crowded places choose the French Camino during the summer time. If you prefer to be at your own pace choose the northern Camino, any point from the Basque Country to Galicia.

4.- If you can only do it during the summer and you don’t like high temperatures, choose the northern Camino.

5.- If you like coastal sceneries, choose the northern Camino. If you are more into art, historical buildings and so on choose the French Camino.

6.- If you are a man between 30 and 60, italian and willing to walk the French Camino, specially the stretch between Sarria and Santiago, you are the traditional foreign pilgrim. Cheer up irish, british. american women!!!

For further information about the northern Camino (or any other) please click on this link. If you still want further information about the route, average temperatures, prices or anything else please contact us here. We will be glad helping you out on your decision.