Best beaches in northern Spain: 5 beaches you must visit

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Northern Spain has a unique coastal landscape. Mountains, cliffs and the deep green of this area of Spain contrasts with long sandy beaches and infarct waves. The smooth temperatures and the location of these beaches make of this area an ideal place for those who want to enjoy the coast quietly, while enjoy the rich cuisine, culture and art of northern Spain. On your next customized holidays in northern Spain, come and discover the Atlantic Ocean and the Bay of Biscay from these amazing beaches.

Top 5 beaches in northern Spain that you have to see

  1. Playa de las Catedrales, Galicia. (Cathedral’s beach) Atypical and beautiful, it is of great tourist attraction. The reason for its name is the cliffs that form caves and arches recreating a natural cathedral. If it’s up tide, it is spectacular to see the water gliding through the caves and when it is low tide you can walk through the towering rock structures. Not to be missed!
  2. Playa del Silencio, Asturias. It is surrounded by cliffs and islets scattered across the sea and blue waters that make it a place of unspoiled nature. If you want to unwind, feel the sea breeze and the roar of the waves this is a perfect spot.
  3. Playa de Laga, Basque Country. It is only 50 km far from Bilbao, and it is perfect whether you are looking to spend a relaxing day beside the sea or if you want to practice some water sports. Are you bold? You can do paragliding from the rock of Ogoño, a unique way to enjoy a breathtaking view over the Bay of Biscay.
  4. Playa de Rodas, Galicia. Listed as one of the best in the world, this beach is located in the Cies Islands. Its fine white sand and crystal clear waters provide an idyllic landscape. Accessible only by boat, you can go to visit it and overnight at the campsite. How about sleeping next to the Atlantic Ocean in the countryside? We assure you an experience that will make your customized holidays in northern Spain unforgettable.
  5. Playa de Somo, Cantabria. This beach is characterized by its breadth and length. Its banks allow long walks while enjoying the views over the bay of Santander, the Magdalena Peninsula, the Puntal and the islands of Mouro and Santa Marina, A great luxury!

Now you know the best beaches for your customized holidays in northern Spain… What are you waiting for to pack your luggage and contact us?

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