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Game of thrones filming locations in Spain

by / Monday, 15 July 2019 / Published in News

Visit the Spain of “Game of Thrones”

There are a thousand reasons to visit Spain from north to south, but we want to highlight the one that has been trending topic in social media, at work or talking with friends for years, that is, Game of Thrones. What has this famous serie to do with our geography? Basically our country has been used as stage of the Water Gardens of the kingdom of Dorne, Meereen or the Long Bridge of Volantis.

This post tells you where Game of Thrones was filmed in Spain.

game of thronesSpain locations

Game of Thrones locations in Spain: Game of trones in southern Spain

We start this tour in Andalusia where there are many scenarios chosen to faithfully represent the kingdoms of Games of Thrones.
This is because the Andalusian cities have a charm and uniqueness that the producers of this blockbuster series have taken advantage of: its mix of architectural styles, its desert landscapes and the good weather the whole year round are just a few examples.

Game of Thrones Scenarios in Seville

  • The Alcázar of Seville has become the Water Gardens of Dorne . Our palace, declared as World Heritage Site by UNESCO, has become the private residence of the Martells and during the series we can see its wonderful gardens, the fountains and the interior of the palace rooms.

  • The Osuna Bullring has also been selected to become the Meereen Arena. The most expensive scene in the history of television and the most multitudinous one of the series

  • The Atarazanas of Seville are part of the beginning of the seventh season being part of the fortress of King's Landing. In this episode, the queen Cersei crosses the vaults in which the heads of the dragoons beaten in the battles are kept.

  • Filming Game of tones in Cordoba

    Let’s move to Córdoba to visit two scenarios that we can see in the fifth and seventh season respectively: the Roman Bridge and the Almodóvar Castle.

  • The Roman Bridge is the Long Bridge of Volantis that crosses the Rhoyne River. This magnificent construction of the imperial troops in the 1st century BC was the only one that the city had for 20 centuries and it has been declared an Asset of Cultural Interest.

  • The Castle of Almodóvar has also been selected to become two different kingdoms. On one hand, the castle's dungeons became part of the kingdom of Casterly Rock and on the other hand, the fortress was chosen to represent the Tyrell House. No doubt about the reason this place was chosen: its mix of styles, its state of conservation and its key location on top of a hill.

  • Almería, land of the Dothraki

    The third Andalusian city that we must visit to continue our Game of trones tour in Spain could not be other than Almeria. The lands have been chosen over the last 60 years as scenario for more than 500 films.

  • The fortress of the Alcazaba of Almería was used to film part of the JWater Gardens as well as the Alcazar of Seville.

  • El Chorillo, which is located in the Sierra de Alhamilla mountain range, was chosen to be the only town of Dothraki, Vaes Dothrak. This enclave has already been used for other Hollywood movies.

  • Rambla del Búhoin the Tabernas desert is a rugged landscape of unique beauty. Scenes of the arrival of Daenerys Targaryen to the city of Dothraki, Vaes Dothrak, have been recorded.

  • In Torre de Mesa Roldán in the Natural Park of Cabo de Gata, the battle for the control of Meereen of the sixth season was filmed.

  • Did you like the Andalusian route of Game of Thrones? This has only been the beginning of the tour of Spain through the Game of Thrones serie. We have more in Extremadura, Castilla La Mancha, Catalonia and The Basque Country. We will continue revealing the best kept secrets of the series and our geography in all of them.

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