Package holidays to northern Spain through gastronomy

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Gastronomic tourism: package holidays to northern Spain

On your  package holidays to northern Spain you will discover a world of flavors. The northern coast is a natural provider of first quality products extracted from the sea and the land. Seafood, cheese, desserts or wines: the menu is full of delicious recipes for all likings. Are you ready? We have prepared a menu you can not resist.


Basque Country: avant-garde cuisine

Internationally famous, the Basque cuisine has become an art. In fact, it is the Spanish region with the highest number of Michelin stars and has excel culinary schools. However, the “pintxo” is the flag of their kitchens. Miniature culinary masterpieces can be tasted at any tavern of the region at more than affordable prices and, if possible, always washed down by a Txakoli white wine.


Cantabria: baking tradition

On your package holidays to northern Spain, Cantabria is a compulsory stop in this gastronomic route if you want to taste genuine and traditional desserts. Made with natural ingredients, the sobaos, the quesada pasiega and the pastry are hallmarks of this region. The ideal destination for the sweet tooth.


Asturias: the land of cheese

Are you a cheese lover? Asturias is the perfect region to be if you want to base your itinerary on this dairy product. With more than forty varieties, the Principality of Asturias gives you many dishes where the cheese is the star. Smooth like the Beyos cheese, spicy as the Afuega’l pitu cheese or really strong as the Casín cheese, it is a sin being on this land and not tasting its main product.


Galicia: from the sea to the plate

Galicia is synonymous with seafood, one of the great attractions of this region. You can not finish your package holidays to northern Spain without trying the great seafood paired with  one of the best white wines of the peninsula: the Albariño. Dry, light and fresh, you can not just take one drink.

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