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Some advices for your spanish holidays

by / Thursday, 04 February 2016 / Published in News

Before you can start your spanish holidays, it is recommended taking into account certain aspects to fully enjoy your customized holidays booked with Hidden in Spain. These are easy recommendations that will help you make the most of this experience.

Advise #1: Let’s speak spanish!

If you want your spanish holidays to be more than sun and sand, knowing a few words and expressions will help you interact with local people and get immerse in the local culture, specially if you travel to less touristic places.

Unluckily, in this sense, Spain is different and most spanish people do not speak any english, so it is essential to be understood and to understand speaking a few spanish words and sentences.

This is easier for all of my clients as I include a small dictionary at the end of the comprehensive and personalized guide book I send them all, with some useful words and sentences in both spanish and english, so you can do such a simple thing as ordering your food in the local language.

Advise #2: Open your mind to new flavors

Spain is internationally famous for its gastronomy which is, nowadays, one of its main tourist attractions. Different and really tasty, the spanish cuisine offers endless dishes that, sometimes, can surprise the visitor.

If you want to enjoy your spanish holidays, we recommend you to leave your gastronomic prejudices at home and do not let yourself be impressed by some of the ingredients or raw materials. Sea urchins, snails, tripes … Thought it might not sound delicious in your mind we promise that, if you taste them, you will be willing to eat them again.

Advise #3: Get to know the off-the-beaten tracks 

Stay away from the pre-established routes and discover a different Spain, one that does not appear in the guidebooks. Uncrowded beaches, remote villages of great charm, awesome coastal views, stunning inland sceneries… Want to know all the secrets that you can find in the area you are about to visit? Hidden in Spain organizes personalized and customized holidays based on your interests and likes, ensuring a unique experience that will bring you to amazing places.

For instance, the picture at the bottom of this post.  You walk quietly through a field, in Asturias, where it seems to be nothing but grass. Suddenly this beach appears when it is up tide. The water comes in from a small hole in the rock (the ocean is behind the hill). This is the kind of place we want you to discover while traveling with us.


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  2. […] Follow our 3 easy recommendations to make your spanish holidays one of the best experiences of your life.  […]