Spanish holidays for ski lovers: Granada

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If you are organizing your ski holidays and you are still deciding where to go, Hidden in Spain suggest you one of the best ski destinations to enjoy during your spanish holidays: the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Granada. At the end, according to  Hemingway’s words: “If you were to visit only one city in Spain, this should be Granada”.

Granada has an unmistakable Moorish essence because it was the last reconquered city by the Catholic Monarchs in 1492.

What to do during your spanish holidays in Sierra Nevada?


Sierra Nevada and surroundings: Besides enjoying your skiing holidays on Spain’s highest mountain range, you have a wide range of complementary activities such as hiking tours, night tours, or observe the starry sky from the same ski resort . A show you cannot miss.

Architecture: Just 20 km far from Sierra Nevada, you find the great city of Granada. An essential spot to better understand its history and be dazzled by its Nazari architecture, will be the Alhambra and Generalife. The great cathedral, renaissance style, is the perfect way of combining a Renaissance dome with a Gothic floor plan.

Granada’s gastronomy: Another succulent plan you cannot overlook is tasting its gastronomy, famous for its Arab-Andalusian cuisine. Courses cooked with many spices and local raw materials. Granada is also well known by its FREE tapas. You get a small portion of food with each drink you ask for. And if you repeat the tapa will change!!

Western Granada: between the mountains of Loja and Tejeda, you will find this mix of cultures that preserves important archaeological sites. For a great ending of your spanish holidays, we suggest you to visit the Arab thermal baths. The experience worths it.

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