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Two days plan in Bilbao (Basque Country)

by / Monday, 28 July 2014 / Published in News

If you want to spend two days getting to know one of the most avant-garde cities in Europe, then Bilbao in northern Spain is the ideal destination. You will find incredible buildings designed by architects from all over the world, including, for example, the Guggenheim Bilbao Museum. Need another incentive? You’ll be able to sample some of the finest gastronomic delicacies in the country!


To get to know the most modern part of Bilbao, the best place to start is the Abando area. Follow the Paseo del Arenal boulevard (which commences in the historic quarter where you’ll find a tourist office) until you come to the handsome Town Hall. This is the place to take your first photo as it offers a stunning perspective of the building, the sculpture in front of it and the city’s estuary.

From the heights

Next, continue along the Paseo Campo Volantín boulevard which provides a pleasant route along the estuary. Flanked on all sides by small palaces, you will eventually come to the Zubizuri Bridge. Built by Santiago Calatrava, the bridge is strikingly designed in the shape of a sailboat and is paved in glass. Before you cross to other side of the estuary, why not take a ride on the Artxanda Cable Car? To reach this, turn right up Múgica y Butrón Street. The cable car is a fun method of transport and takes just a few minutes to reach the viewpoint situated 800 metres higher up where you will gain a stunning view of the city and the mouth of the estuary. There is also a variety of restaurants where you can stop for a coffee or have a typical Spanish mid-morning aperitif.

Innovative architecture… even in the kitchen

Enjoy a lovely view of Bilbao as you ride back down in the cable car and then cross Calatrava’s footbridge. Next, walk along the Paseo Uribitarte boulevard until you come to the jewel in the crown: the impressive Guggenheim Bilbao Museum. Designed by the prestigious architect Frank Ghery and now the emblem of the city, it looks like…

On leaving the museum, walk around the building to take a look at another of its unique features: “Puppy”, a 12-metre-high dog made of flowers and yet another example of Bilbao’s avant-garde flavour. Now it’s time for lunch and there’s no better place to sample the delights of Bilbao’s haute cuisine than at the museum restaurant.
After lunch, continue your tour of the city by…

Things to remember

The Euskalduna Palace is only open to visitors on Saturdays at 12 noon.
For sporting enthusiasts there is a bicycle lane along both banks of the estuary. – There is a tourist bus, departing from the Guggenheim Bilbao Museum, which makes 15 stops and allows passengers to get on and off as many times as they want.
The “Bilbao Tourist Card”, which you can buy online and at tourist offices, offers unlimited use of public transport, as well as discounts for shops, restaurants, shows and leisure centres.
You can book guided tours of the city at the tourist office next to the Guggenheim Museum.

The shopping area

One of the most convenient options now for getting back to the Town Hall would be to take the city tram. But why not walk into the urban expansion area of Bilbao (the city’s largest and most centrally located shopping area) and do a little shopping? You might therefore want to head for Gran Vía Don Diego López de Haro, a wide and elegant boulevard where you…

For dinner, the route between Gran Vía Don Diego López de Haro and the Euskalduna Palace boasts some of the best restaurants in the city, offering both traditional Basque and innovative cuisine. Afterwards, if you are in the mood for a late-night drink or dancing…

A coffee steeped in history… and luxury dining

On reaching Plaza Circular square you will be greeted by a statue of Don Diego López de Haro, the founder of Bilbao. It you turn left, you will come to the relaxing Albia Gardens, the ideal place for taking a rest. Why? Because that’s where you’ll find the wonderful Café Iruña, renowned for its history as a place of political and literary gatherings. It also has stunning décor.


You could spend the second day of your stay in Bilbao getting to know the most traditional part of the city: the Historic Quarter. This itinerary commences at the Paseo del Arenal boulevard. If it’s Sunday, a wonderful surprise awaits you on the banks of the estuary: a picturesque open-air flower market where you’ll be able to buy the bouquet of your choice. From there, take Fueros Street up to Plaza de Unamuno, a busy square at any time of the day and the ideal place for a coffee. Notice behind you the 213 steps of the Calzadas de Mallona. Walk up a few to take a photo of the picturesque…

Let’s assume that you’ve decided to continue your tour of the oldest part of the city. The best option here is to wander through the stone-cobbled alleyways to get the feel of Bilbao’s most traditional side. In this gentle stroll you will come across handsome monuments, tiny squares, craft shops and a whole host of other types of shops. One of the most popular areas is…

To end your tour, take Bidebarrieta Street down to the lovely Plaza del Arenal square and admire the city’s finest theatre, the elegant Teatro Arriaga.

Time for a few pintxos

It’s time for lunch, and although you will have been tempted by the numerous bars and restaurants in the area, a very special place awaits you: Plaza Nueva square. If it’s Sunday, browse the stalls set out under the 64 arches, where you’ll see crowds of people buying old books, coins, stamps, comics, etc.

And for lunch, you’ll see that the square offers plenty of bars and taverns where you can sample the traditional pintxos (delicious tapas usually made of the local produce), washed down by the local wine, Txacolí. Best of all? Go…

Things to remember

The Mercado de la Ribera is closed on Sundays.
There is a pay lift on Esperanza Street in the historic quarter which will take you up to the basilica of Nuestra Señora de Begoña. This will save you having to walk up the steps at Las Calzadas de Mallona.

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