The best time to visit Spain

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Which is your favorite time of the year for traveling? There’s no a best time to visit Spain since it depends on each one’s likes. So you decide which is the best moment to visit Spain, you only have to decide the kind of trip you want to do and then select the best season for that.

Best time to travel to Spain

Discover what is the best time to go to Spain

Which is your favorite time of the year for traveling? There’s no a best time to visit Spain since it depends on each one’s likes. So you decide which is the best moment to visit Spain, you only have to decide the kind of trip you want to do and then select the best season for that.

We, Hidden in Spain, will help you plan the best route and choose those destinations that better suit your needs and budget. To start helping you decide, below you’ll find some suggestions that might be of help on this.

What to do on each season in Spain

If you don’t know which is the best season for your trip, you better study a little bit on what to do each season in Spain. But one thing is sure, whichever season you choose, you’ll enjoy the country: climate, culture, gastronomy, nature, people, traditions… do you need anything else for a perfect trip?

To help you decide these are the best activities for each time of the year in Spain:

1. Visiting Spain in Spring: april, may, June

Spring is when the weather starts to be great, sunny, smooth temperatures, not too hot… so it is perfect to visit small inland villages and cities like the Valle del Jerte and its Cheery Blossom, an amazing experience.

You can also visit some hiking routes like the Bardenas Reales in Navarre, el Parque Natural de Somiedo (Somiedo Natural Park) in Asturias or the Parque Nacional de Doñana (Doñana National Park) in Huelva. Three unique places in which you’ll be delighted with the incredible sceneries around you that you’ll never forget.

2. Travel to Spain in winter: January, February and March

If you are more into winter time, the Pyrenees can be the best destination to enjoy the winter sports

However, if you want to enjoy the heat in this time of the year, you can travel to the Canary islands, you’ll be greatly surprised.

If you are more into cities, Granada in Andalusia is a must. You may be lucky and see the awesome Alhambra while it snows. On February you can not miss Teruel and enjoy the celebrations to honor the most famous lovers of our geography, the lovers of Teruel. Madrid, Segovia or Cuenca may be other good options during these cold months.

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3. Autumn: October, November and December

In Autumn almost any destination is a good choice though the ocher tones in some Natural Parks of our geography are a great option: Muniellos forest in Asturias, Ordesa National Park in Huesca, the Irati Forest in Navarre or the Aran Valley in Lleida. Pure nature that will amaze the most adventurous.

Also, to complete this autumn routes in pure nature, you cannot miss the delicious gastronomy. Nature and gastronomy, a winning mix.

4. Summer: July, August and September. Most common season to travel

Finally but not less important, the summer time is the preferred season by most of the people. If this is your case choose some place on the coast and you’ll hit it. In our geography you have hundreds of beaches and also several islands where to enjoy the good weather and the ambience in the beach.

Andalusia, Levante, the northern coast, the islands…. You choose the area you more like. No matter which one you choose, you’ll have a great summer time!!

Visit Spain matching your budget

This is something to take into account since depending on this asset you can be longer in an area and get to know more places around.

The worst months of the year are probably July and August. It is high season and prices increase considerably.

It is true it will also depend on where you want to go because if you choose to visit the mountains where there are ski resorts it will be low season and prices will be much better

Also special dates must be taken into consideration: Christmas, bank holidays like the Constitution Day, Hallowmas, Carnivals, San Valentine, etc… There’ll be a lot of tourists (local and foreign) so prices will also be high.

Travel to Spain and enjoy the journey accompanied

Another key factor is the kind of trip. Are you a solo traveler, travel with friends, in couple, with kids…? The destination and kind of trip will depend on this as well.

For instance, if you travel with kids, you should choose an easy route and adapted for them. It doesn’t mean you have to abandon your likes but adapt them and lower your expectations. For instance, if you plan to walk the Way of Saint James, there are some stretches that are easier to walk with kids. You can also choose a destination that all the family likes with activities for all ages.

Sometimes organizing a trip for the whole family can be a challenge but with our help it will be a piece of cake.

The best time to visit Spain is when you decide it. If you need expertise we can help you plan your trip form north to south not to miss anything. You’ll find out that visiting Spain will be one of the most complete trips you’ll do. Can we help you plan it? Contact us!!

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