Spectacular Spanish beaches: cinema scenarios

by / Friday, 24 August 2018 / Published in News

Popular beaches in Spain

When the summer season comes it’s the almost “compulsory” to visit the Spanish beaches. From our point of view our beaches have nothing to envy to exotic places like Hawaii, Thailand or the French Polynesia. As proof of this, today we want to make a little tour of the beaches that have been shown in some of the most emblematic films of all times.

The Spanish coasts is a perfect trip to do with the whole family, with a group of friends, your mate or alone. So, do not hesitate and enjoy a splendid summer on the Spanish coast.


Spain is a good destination to enjoy paradisiacal beaches

Visit the beaches of southern Spain: the warmth of the south coast

On the southern coast of our country you can find beaches that have been filmed in some of the most iconic films of our time. From Indiana Jones and the last crusade, to 007, Die another day with James Bond. Also scenes of Lawrence of Arabia, The man who lost his shadow, Captain Alatriste, Conan the Barbarian or The Adventures of Baron Münchausen.

If you want to visit these scenarios, you have to make a compulsory visit to the beach of Monsul, where you will fell like a child again playing on the Indiana Jones stages. In the province of Almeria you can also enjoy the landscapes of Almerimar or El Algarrobico, beaches where scenes of Lawrence of Arabia were filmed. In the province of Cádiz you will find La Caleta, the beach of Cadiz city, in which Hale Berry made its stellar appearance in 007 or the Valdevaqueros Dunes in Tarifa that hosted the feats of Captain Alatriste.


The magic of the islands: crystal clear water beaches in the Canary Islands

Whether it’s the Balearic or the Canary Islands, the Spanish islands have an irresistible magnetism. Its beaches have been chosen for numerous movie sets.

The most outstanding films are Sex and Lucia, on the beach of Ses Illetes in Formentera; Han Solo on the beach of Jandía in Fuerteventura; Broken embraces shot on Famara beach in Lanzarote  or Moby Dick on Las Canteras beach in Las Palmas.

A visit to the islands is a more than recommended option for this summer of cinema.

Maybe you want to enjoy a honeymoon in the Canary Islands.


Beaches in northern Spain: the wild beauty of the north

The north part of our coast could not be forgotten. The Cantabrian Sea (Bay of Biscay) has hosted different film productions on its beaches.

Asturias and the beach of Andrín in Llanes has been the chosen stage to shoot the film of The Orphanage. Although it has not been the only movie filmed of this Natural Paradise; on El Torimbia beach Garci’s “The Grandfather” was filmed.

We cannot either forget Galicia, where “The sea inside” was filmed in the As Furnas beach. And if we go to Cantabria, we can not miss the beach of Comillas where Primos (Cousinhood) was filmed.

These are just some of the most outstanding examples of the filmography of our coasts. If this summer you want to enjoy amazing scenarios that will amaze you for its beauty, do not miss the best beaches in northern Spain.